The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this house, besides the fact that it has all sorts of interesting details, is the fact that it has a very simple architectural design. The rooms seem to be very well delimited and there are no too many combinations. Elegant and harmonious, modern and simple, simple and glamorous, this combination seems to be reflected in every room in the house.

The living area in the picture is delimited by the dining room and the kitchen. These spaces are delimitated by a very elegant black bookcase that rises from the wall with a sleek and thin panel. It covers the large window and it is a very elegant detail. The kitchen is stylish and classy, with top quality fixtures and a modern touch. The dining area is strategic as it has a couple of tables with rounded corners and very beautiful chairs.

The Living Room In The Bronx House – A Stylish Interior Design Photo 2

The bedroom is once again classy and elegant with many decorative details. There’s a really nice elegant classical art gallery and the little window nook above the bed is an exception. The wallpaper and the subtle mood lighting make this room special. Overall, the entire design and the combination of colors, textures and styles this bedroom needed is to gain character and to match it to the rest of the house.{found on TrendHunter}.

The Living Room In The Bronx House – A Stylish Interior Design Photo 3