Bethpage is a Vermont company that developed a beautiful collection of furniture called the West Elm collection and it has an interesting name. The collection, with the help of Seattle-based studio Stutch Architects, includes many lounge chairs, stools and coffee tables.As you may already know, the main design feature they were trying to work on was hand-carved wood furniture. The result was a beautiful beech chair.

The chairs were stacked in a linear fashion, a simple but elegant design that also uses subtle aditional space. The collection also includes a matching coffee table with an integrated basket. They were all designed for indoor use. Due to their unique design, they are very comfortable, functional and versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes. All of them have a weight capacity of 45 kg which is a lot more than the average coffee table. the stools are also great for outdoor use.

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The tall, sturdy and comfortable geometry of the furniture offers them a modern look and also makes them user-friendly. The chairs come in three different shapes: cork, hearken, bamboo and among other combinations. All three version come fully assembled so you’ll have plenty of time to make your seating arrangement the best you can afford. The ultimate thing that makes this collection stand out is the price. You get a set of four sofas and two different sofa covers. You also get a coffee table with a tempered glass top.

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