I have a lot of cat friends and I love telling them to sleep over because I am the only cat in the whole world. That is why I prefer having a very nice and cozy couch where the cats can relax and enjoy each time someone comes and snuggle up in front of the table. Any way, I found an amazing home that had a living room covered in whitlestory windows and this cat’s house was awesome and inspiring in every way. You can check out this pictures for more details about the project.

The project itself is pretty simple, so there are not much that can be said about it apart from the actual design and the way in which the furniture was made and painted. But that part is also important and I strongly recommend you to not forget to take some nice curtains in order to create the cozy environment for your cat. After all, it is good for both your feet and your pets. So let’s get into this grand plan and see what exactly is intended to be done.

To make this piece you need some very simple items like a plywood sheet, a jigsaw, a drill, some wood screws, some wood glue, some nails and primer, polyurethane spray paint, white paint, a brush and sealant. The special thanks goes to a friend who mentioned this and her advice was to make this as comfortable as possible, hence the Nest Chair. Well, since the cataría is not very large and can fit on a tiny chair, it was important that it looked nice, hence the foam board and the matching cat table.

The Living Room Hike Utahouse Photo 3

The good news is that the cataría is upholstered with more thick foam and this makes it more comfortable for you. The accessorizing is very important, keeping the cats from getting dirty and this way you will avoid having to wipe out the interior of the chair. You can make it yourself out of some brown leather, black leather or light fabric. You might have to buy two chairs instead of the cataría. It’s a great extra feature if, in the case of the table, you have a nice bowl or even a little toy for your cat to sit on. {found on curbly}.

The Living Room Hike Utahouse Photo 4