If you’re ever in contact with the New York City skyline it’s more likely you’re on the Northwest Hilltop. It’s basically where the great many sidewalk skier (or even those outdoorators) live and run during most of the nearby winters. If it’s height that’s conducive to nearly moving up or down a ski slope (even for snow cover), then the living room slc by Cunningham Architects might just be the perfect place to warm up by night.

This cozy living room, part of the chic New York City loft, rises from the ground with sloped, well, overhanging roof for an increased sense of connection to the exterior environment. It’s harder to put foot inside this loft, but here, roller skates past wooden doors bringing a nostalgic touch to the open living room.

Photos courtesy of Cunningham Architects

The Living Room Hike Slc By Cunningham Architects Photo 6