Sometimes, people decide to spend more time in there. Whether it’s some days without rest or some days you don’t need to use anything, in this case it’s less important. You might need a place to sit, some people to sleep or in some cases families. But you don’t really need a chair while staying in there. It’s why we’ll present you this unusual and versatile living room.

This is the Livingroom Gentleman Chair. It was designed by Stefan Hechsel and it’s a very original piece of furniture. It was designed for Ralph Lauren’s home collection and it features a Lounge Chair and a Lounge Chair. The two pieces can now be sued together to create a very original combo. The main difference between them is that the chair has a backrest. The chair has then been covered with leather. It’s a new and untraditional material.

This time the leather will no longer cover the structure. It will only integrate into the design. The combination will be very durable and resistant. The leather is now suitable for outdoor use. The combination seems to be success. Moreover, the leather is also used for the product’s name. This way it is very useful and it adds a very nice touch to the décor of this stylish living room.