When you have one of those pieces of furniture like the sofas or the chairs, the whole room seems to get a makeover. But usually nobody takes this step for long. It’s the furniture that makes everything seem fresh and vibrant. But sometimes you need a break in this thing. If you’re sad this isn’t the place for you to go back to. It’s not the most practical area in the house but it’s definitely the most cozy one in all other rooms.

The owners of this place knew exactly what they wanted. They have a dreamy atmosphere and they saw a dreamy space. They were also aware of the fact that changing is always fun. The solution for that problem was simple. Simply deciding on a new place to live, was just one of the steps towards the creation of a cozy and inviting home. The whole room was painted white. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere while also being able to easily make the guests feel welcomed.

White is also a color often associated with the summer. It’s the color of nature and it’s also a color popular in all the regions of the world. The residence features plenty of summer gardens. They’re a fresh décor and seem to almost always feature white walls. Some of the original elements have been preserved throughout the renovation but then they have been changed in order to match the new interior décor.

The living area has a skylight that let light enter through the room and creates a refreshing atmosphere. The kitchen is also in nice condition. It has bright orange cabinets and an island. From what I can see it seems like a brand new kitchen. The bedroom looks very clean and fresh. The pastel blue is also a beautiful and cozy color combination.

The house also features a very spacious dining area. To accentuate this particular area, designer decided to include several beautiful antique furnitures and decorations. Not only that the whole space was very cozy and inviting, but the furniture was also beautifully color-edited. The striped area rug matches the curtains and the vintage sofa from the living room/bedroom/family room has a timeless beauty.