This is the historic hamadayore building, a combination of Byzantine buildings with one important building in the tall neighborhood. As a result, even though the building has been standing on that particular site for nearly 5 centuries, a series of historical buildings have been kept and adjusted. It’s why the structure of the area and its details and decorations are particularly beautiful and eye-catching.

This is an authentic building that was renovated and re-built. A few years ago it got a new look as it was originally. It still features some of the old architectural details and its internal structure was preserved. However, the exterior was also improved significantly. The building got a more modern look. However, it still tends to feel small and crowded. To make it look that way, some changes were made. The internal structure was reconfigured and the area of the living spaces was partitioned. The new living room is actually part of the central open plan that also includes the kitchen and the dining area.

The two zones are separated by large doors that seem to be sliding. The overall look is elegant and beautiful and some of the old building were restored and restored. The building also got a new look with better lighting, better ventilation and more beautiful decorations. The most beautiful thing about the house is the actual structure of the space. It’s a very inviting and cozy home.

The Living Room East Hampton By JTJ Design Group Photo 5