We all know how difficult and annoying Christmas is. You try to get everything done quickly without being too lazy and without even thinking about the decorations. However, what if you made your own kitchen décor yourself? I don’t agree, too. It’s the perfect choice for this day and I can’t wait to start making it my home. For now we’ll just focus on the main elements such as the decorations such as the pinecones, the Christmas tree and whether or not it’s placed somewhere near your kitchen. Today I’m going to present you a kitchen design from Michael Hsu.

The Minimalist kitchen presented a colorful kitchen with various colorful and cheerful decorations, one of them being this wooden Christmas tree. The tree can be placed directly on the kitchen island for easy storage. The kitchen was designed by Rachcoff Vellañiola.

The Living Room Dunedin Menu Kitchen Photo 2

The kitchen is part of the W Hotel At The Sea Hotel and it can be booked all year round. Let’s hear it for the Jingle Bell Pendant lights. They’re reminiscent of sailboats and you can definitely see this influence the whole design. Moreover, the playful design also extends to the door which has a red bead. The colors also play an important role and they don’t all say much about the décor from this particular room.

The interior décor of this particular home is one of comfort and relaxation. The kitchen is small and features a modern look. It measures 50 square meters across and the space doesn’t obviously serve any other function. Still, it has a fresh and simple interior design, with the natural wood elements playing a very important role here. The walls have been painted white and the wooden flooring has been preserved. Check out the Sgrohe website to find out more details.