The location of the location of the location dictates the layout and organization of a living room. Well over a century ago there was a very beautiful and ancient palace in there called the Lon’s Palace. It was called “The Great Palace” and what we now know as Great Porcelain tiles terracotta wall tiles no longer exist in that area. The palace was opened in 1886 and it’s an exquisite masterpiece.

The design, structure and mood of the old-fashioned palace has been maintained by a Scottish company called Manmah. They created a series of brick structures and interiors, including the interior décor, glossy furniture and beautiful furnishings created with old-fashioned materials only for the internationally acclaimed, for the fashionable coastal traveler. The interior is very stylish and showcases lots of character. The materials usually featured by the façade of the building have been selected for their versatility. The brick façade is extremely strong and durable while the rest of the design is extremely sleek. The interior is simplistic and also modern.

The Living Room Dunedin Florida By Duna Interiors Photo 2

The rooms are elegantly decorated but keep a certain amount of old-world charm and charm so that the visitors won’t feel guilty when hearing that the interior of the hotel is old and eclectic. The walls, ceiling and even the floors are all painted in white, which creates depth, drama and makes the rooms and the décor so stylish and elegant.

The Living Room Dunedin Florida By Duna Interiors Photo 3