This unusual group of offices and their suggestive name, The Living Room, accurately describes the whole idea at the base of this unusual home.

It’s in Cape Town, South Africa, in a rural area. As small as it is, this place is imposing, both inside and out. The offices were expertly arranged and carefully planned, thus managing to create an interior that’s harmonious and inviting. The result was this modern home, 700 square meters on a site of only 28,000 square meters. The office’s simple and functional exterior hides a very interesting and innovative feature.

The structure is not just anything that fits naturally into the surroundings. It was also designed to take advantage of the landscape and the views. As a result, the office was planned with that as the inspiration. The result was an office floor that covers an area of 240 square meters and one that is 1,200 square meters in size. The hidden courtyard makes the most of the space and provides natural light for the whole office.

The Living Room Dunedin Flops By AR Design Studio Photo 3

The hidden courtyard includes a garage and a series of glass walls that separate the office space from a beautiful outdoor area. Inside, there’s a divider with access to the work areas. Since it’s an informal work space designed for the employees to be work-free but also to offer them privacy, the employees should not be able to enjoy their private work space but could rather use a more sociable atmosphere.{found on designboom}.