Every now and then the most important part of a house is not just the living room, but the bedroom, the bathroom and all the rooms in the house. It’s part of the house, but it’s not the pleasant part. For the living room, it’s better to have the basics in there, than to be influenced by trends and ideas and to have to wait until everything else changes. So it’s good to have a diversity of options when designing your home.

This is InViewDesigned, the world’s first tv wall. No, we’re not talking about the actual wall, that’s who said everything was in style. The name is very suggestive. The TV wall is made of panels.

It’s like a decorative piece that can be used as a sculpture or simply as a shelf. The shelves are made of wood and they can also be painted for a personalized look. The panels can be used separately or as a collection and you can have them in different shapes and sizes. It would be nice to have several ones but to also be able to connect them in a continuous collection.

The Living Room Denver Colection, An Inspiring Reading Corner For Kids Photo 5

The TV wall is sold as a whole on order and the delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks. Each piece is handmade. First it was the case with the hanging wire, when the wall was redesigned with the help of the extremely skilled and ingenious German designer called Jonathan Salke from The Salon Basel.