This is the Roman painting, the most common decoration for the living room. This is not the original design of the living room but it was inspired from the designs of the craftsmen, especially of the bardic sections. This is a very interesting painting and it’s not even a new creation. This one dates back to 1970 and it’s even closer with the current designs.

The Roman painting is almost royal as it has a thick, oversized crown placed over a low relief that covers the bottom half of the panes of the living room. The portraits used for rendering are delicate and colorful. They resemble fishing kayars and movie sets and they can be admired from the entryway.

The collection of portraits you see in the pictures includes several sizes and colors. All you basically need is a big rectangular pan and a bunch of paint. To paint the pan so that it looks like the portraits above, choose the colors you want. You can combine the colors and the dimensions that you want and even paint multiple portraits and expressions at the same time. A nice idea is to stick with the colors used for the painting and to use white as the minimum usually. Find out more about it on papernstitchblog.{found

The Living Room Dc Ranchi Bivi With A Simple, Living Room Design Photo 3

And since we were talking about the painting… Let’s continue with a wall like that. This one is made with washi tape. The colors used for the wall are minimalist and include white, black, beige and red. The method is very simple. You cover an entire wall with washi tape or cardboard and you also need tape to get a clean, dry and smooth texture. Apply the tape quickly and dry while watching how that texture will dry. Add numbers, dots and anything else you like and make a wreath, save your favorite ones and attach them with wire or wire string.{found on papernstitchblog}.

The Living Room Dc Ranchi Bivi With A Simple, Living Room Design Photo 4

It’s a little difficult to integrate the wreath into a particular decor but here’s a subtle interpretation. It’s a plain white wreath and a jute sail. You basically need two white washi tape rolls, a jute sail, white glue and some jute sail pieces. Dry and attach the wreath with a piece of thin floral wire. Then attach small white bouquets of artificial flowers to the wreath. This is the perfect way to display the mini tropical flowers you have chosen.{found on dreamalittlebigger}.

The Living Room Dc Ranchi Bivi With A Simple, Living Room Design Photo 6