The square is the most beautiful and colorful square in the world. There’s a lot of beautiful and colorful there. We would be more precise, considering the fact that we’re visiting the world. Take a look at the living room designed by Square Studio. As you can see, there’s more to this place, stylistically. Since this is such an open space, there must be a lot of light and color.

The walls are mostly white, just like the ceilings and the floor warms up the atmosphere. The sofas are all color, all perfectly combined in a beautiful pattern and color. From the furniture pieces and from the paintings to the lamps, everything is beautifully balanced. As for the place where we are, you can choose a simple room that still has some color in it, maybe some green spots or blue. As it is an open space, the combination of colors is appropriate. The only thing with which this White Phantom Square can be appreciated is the fact that it represents a special place, a magic room for those who love princesses and have a passion for fantasy.

The Living Room Dc Nightclubs The World’s Most Beautiful Square Photo 3