When you own a home, there’s a special connection and you also feel connected to all the aspects around you, like a community or a village. In other words, it’s practically impossible to disconnect from the exterior. But when you have a church there’s only space to feel like home. It’s the magic feeling that counts and it varies with each church. Lots of inner rooms and spacious places and the space is just not the same. There can be no division between the church and the home. It has to be opened to the exterior, connecting them and creating a whole new experience.

It was originally a church that was located in the village of Baabe Pitkwa in Israel. The structure was restored and the result is wonderful. It’s now a spectacular family home with amazing views and with a design that combines functionality with incredible openness and comfort. It was built with a simple structural frame and it has a dynamic and minimalist décor. The interior is mostly white and this creates the impression of a larger space while also creating some contrast with all the wooden furniture. The walls have a light finish and the wooden flooring is the opposite of smooth and light. The wooden floors add warmth and comfort to the décor and the décor is simple and elegant.

The Living Room Community Church Photo 2

The Living Room Community Church Photo 4