The location for a new office in the city of Juvalo, Chile, is definitely a challenge. However, the project was very promising. Leonarchi, a young creative office, thought it was impossible to stay empty for many years. However, they soon found the perfect space exists.

The place was designed by n232 and completed in 2011. The office covers a total area of 450 square meters. It was a project designed for architect and client and it’s only a prototype. The new space was created by design studio a few years ago when the client was visiting a local review. They chose a project which would allow them to achieve perfect harmony between the client, the architect and the client’s daily routine.

The office has a bright and simple interior. The only visible elements are the black walls and the imposing ceiling. However, they’re a very well balanced décor throughout. The designer didn’t want to hide the walls and the floors. The focus was on emphasizing the décor and simplicity and to basically turn the walls into the background.

The ground floor of the office is a continuous space which can be used as a social space for all sorts of activities, from exhibitions to meetings. The office also has a creative floor. It includes various space suitable for the client as well as its own separate areas. Its walls are completely white and this way the space feels like a cohesive spatial divider. The angled walls create the impression of a larger space. The floors are irregular and smooth and they have anther anther a gently sanded look.

The Living Room Cafe La Jolla By Leonarchi Photo 4

The Living Room Cafe La Jolla By Leonarchi Photo 5