Here’s a nyuna project from Studiomama that is made from a sofa. These pieces can be combined in a variety of ways and more than one design because they are all made from very cheap materials. No matter what you do, the sofa will look great in your living room. It’s what nysers really want from nysers. They want this piece to be built according to your specifications, so no one can deny its really stylish.

The Nysers Sofa was designed by Noé Duchaufour-Law, Carolina Le Blanc. It has a rectangular shape and it’s made of wood veneer with soft curves. It’s available in two sizes, small and large and this makes it versatile. The large version measures 40.5?w x 30?h x 22?d and the small one measures 21.5?w x 24?h. The color combination is white but it’s also available in yellow, red and grey.

The Living Room Bronx Nyuna By Studiomama Photo 2

The colors are very well chosen so they look great together. The white base is really neutral and the wood covered frame with two strips of wood covered with fabric. Because the shelves are small and have little square and angled patterns, the design is not colorful but it’s the elegant details that make it so interesting. Choose the nysers sofa to be included in the collection that will fit perfectly a dining room, living room or office, because you won’t be having to share the space with a else.

The piece was designed by Patrick Tighe and it comes in white, both models part of the Vintage range that also includes other pieces such as the folding chairs and the modular bookcase featuring shelves made of wood. The dimensions of the Nysers sofa are W40 x D26 x H42.5 inches, W59 x D36 x H50 cm and price is 240 $ 240 USD. The design of this unit is simple and interesting and it’s also very comfortable. The simplicity of the lines makes this piece a suitable choice for a multitude of spaces and interior designs.

The Living Room Bronx Nyuna By Studiomama Photo 6