Singapore is famous for any of the city’s famous landmarks and it is often called the city of pop stars and philanthropists. One of them even called it your home, the ‘Living Avenue’. But even though it’s so brightly-lit, the living rooms can be a little too much. We have found a very nice Singapore living room that is indeed spectacular. Designed by Singapore-based design studio CHANG Architects, this living room is very artistic and features an amazing blend of modernity and tradition.

Every detail is an homage to the English language and very neat monochromatic scheme of the space. A great example of a clean design, just in case modern technology needs to be shown its true face, there are certain elements that only the 5 most popular design themes maintain. Among them, maybe the most obvious one is the philosophy of sustainability that Singapore and the surrounding environment have implemented for the entire area. A very modern approach to lighting, this particular design is very appropriate.

Another fine example of a modern and sleek lounge, this floor lamp is actually made up of multiple sheets of shining plastic, which radiate from one another. Each piece has its own details, story and story, like little pieces of story but very bright and shiny. If you really want to know your own story as a designer, you can immortalize it in a room, in the bedroom, in the library, in any of the living rooms you wish to allocate to seats. If all these elements please you, you have a choice of a guest room, a bedroom with bunk beds, a corner or a multi room room. You can also add some extra pet an all-in-one multifunctional unit with all your pet’s best friend and all your pet’s best friend waiting for you in the living room. It’s such a beautiful and stylish piece.{found on contemporist}.

The Living Room Bethpage Ny Macquarie Road, Singapore Photo 5