Does this living room have a bar dale you haven’t seen? It might not be much, but it sure is a unique and creative space to entertain your friends in! This ingenious source of light from Fredericke & Pfeiffel utilizes 100 percent copper, bronze, and black dyed for today’s most on-trend home decor trend.

Generous lighting alongside a state-of-the-art kitchen appliances set the tone for a warm and functional living room bar, or even a very stylish bar for a party. Below we see a modern arrangement complete with a cold glassware center. That contrast beautifully to the traditional arrangement in the living room. [from Fredericke & Pfeiffel]

And now we have a tour of a bar cabinet from Ikea, complete with a shelving unit that I absolutely love! Below we see how a powder room, living room, dining room and kitchen all combine at their chic height. [from IKEA]

The Living Room Bar Dallas — An Unusual, Imaginative Creation Of Sydney-based Company Fredericke & Pfeiffel Photo 3

Is there anything more powerful than a large abstract wall sculpture? Why not channel the power of design magic with this Majoransio era temple of modern design. The dark colors and neon hues are the perfect complement to the roomy copper, bronze and brass. [from IKEA]

Add some striking contrast to the kitchen below, complete with a Corian Countertop for a statement stove and gold leafing edging. [from IKEA]

Does the sun isn’t your best friend? Why not go with a sunny side up when it’s so obvious? The earthy tones of the living room below beautifully contrast the playful smile of the sofa pillows. [from IKEA]

A traditional yet modern space maximizes the dramatic effect of yellow, yellow cabinets, and a slew of yellow lines, punctuated by red doorways. [from Corner Architecture]

Looking for a quick way to bring color into your living room? Orange is the color of choice for the living room in the mid-room below. Clean, modern lines and clean furniture make this space stylish and modern. [from Corner Architecture]

Don’t be afraid to get creative! The living room of the next featured space is the perfect space for unexpected pops of color. The yellow rug, the green wall art, and crisp white chair are all elements of the mid-room look. [from IKEA]

What hue is popular on the modern living room tour? Blue! Do you enjoy a bit of the neutral territory, and brown-green tones? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…