The location of the house is directly matched to the conditions, which exist and continually change. For example, the owners requested a bar located in the back of the house, within the Arrival courtyard. This courtyard has a lake and a hill, therefore a very special location (outside and inside) that shouldn’t be strange anymore. It’s the perfect place for a quiet bar.

The interior of the house is also directly linked with the courtyard. The interior living rooms are very vividly and very colourful. This is a very special home for a successful family. The living room is very large and it benefits from a wonderful location, directly in front of a beautiful pond with more than enough space for sitting and spending quality time in the outdoor fireplace. On the roof there’s a beautiful pergola.

This new extension project takes care of everything and also manages to create a very harmonious and balanced design. The exterior façade remains simple and covered with drought- resistant grass planted with thin grass clads fence. The interior introduction is very simple and clean and contains basic elements such as kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities.

The Living Room Bar Chicago By Leonotto Architecte Photo 3

The living room has two platform couches accompanied by invisible storage providing the user with enough storage space for all the things that need to be in there. Near the living room there’s also a beautiful floating concrete coffee table that can be easily folded and moved around according to the user’s immediate needs. In the courtyard there’s also a very beautiful wooden balcony that can offer some great views to the outside.

The Living Room Bar Chicago By Leonotto Architecte Photo 5