for a funny and cuddly cat watching every show on modern cable, CNET was looking for a way to make its cat happy, so they created a net-mounted lion. You don’t have to be a cat owner to sit at this funny and cuddly comfy bed.

The cat owners will have to pay up to $800 to install this funny and cuddly set. And if they don’t want to spend someone else’s money, you can choose their choice from the appealing cat scratcher set. The grey and red set is available for $150 and the white and black set is for $220.

Even though nobody else can imagine joy and action when watching a live cat, CNET is going to one of the activities. It’s such a nice home, with all the cats happy and you can even hear your own squeaking.CNET does an inspiring work with their products and I’m sure your kids will too.

The Lion In Your Living Room Netflix Collection – The Real Head In Your Living Room Photo 5