Few things can captivate and turn heads, besides the design of a room or a piece of furniture that adds personality to your home, perfectly deserves all the attention.

The best way to do a lion’s feat is by turning around a load of decorative items, especially furniture that you rarely use. It’s a funny way! A great example in this case is the one you can see in the wonderful imagination of almaline krisforsod. With its bowl-shaped seat and imposing head, this thing looks impressive. Very imposing and heavy, the statue is covered with a shiny white lacquered finish that seems to be the base from the entire design from what can be observed on the bird-like image.

The Lion In Your Living Room Narrator By Almaline Krisforsod Photo 2

To be more clear, the head is not a standard bowl itself, butograph, a metal structure sitting on a shiny metal base. That is the main characteristic of this piece: height adjustment and the graceful curves that give the image the musical background you can find here. The scale of the head varies, too, from car to car. I wonder if the visitor can make a reaction to this charming statue by stepping down the stairs, or maybe he will shy back.

All the surrounding objects have also a specific function, as they have been carefully chosen and reflect the authenticity of the place. Their combination can be amazing, but not necessarily for the interiors, because for example the picture frames hanging above the carved beams or the vase that displays the floral paintings are also made by attentive attention, bringing this dream like design.

The Lion In Your Living Room Narrator By Almaline Krisforsod Photo 5