The living room is a space that should happier than any other room in the house. It is a place that needs to be around to transition friends and family. You don’t necessarily have to fill it with all sorts of things and you can use the entire corner to offer some simple items that you like and that you feel that would make it a warm and welcoming space. One of such things can be a lion. The “kitty” that is designed by Sean O’Neill has a bold gothic-inspired design and he took it to the next level. He stripped down the silhouette and then came with a laser-cut copy of it and added to it a lion head stylized after that. This way he got the measurements for his own living room so that he could have a stylized lion head on it.

It’s beautiful and daring, not to mention daring because this is what makes it so special and such a nice item. It looks amazing in any room and you can mount it on the wall as a painting. You can use it as artwork on the wall and you can even mount it on the door frame or on the shelf. The dimensions of this piece are 22.5?(F) x 22.5?(D) x 52.5?(H). The moon shaped lion head with antlers is made from brass so that you may choose to have it in your home as well, too.The amazing price is $1,395,000. As you can see, this is not a decoration to be used in a home, a Victorian-era living room, but even office, one that is more expensive than palace. Besides, if you get a really sensitive cat that is very loud and bold, then the price is going to be really high. So you’ll have to keep it in the living room, but also outside where it will fit very well in the garden and the pets will really appreciate it.