Man is a human being, a human being that likes different things in life, things which mean a lot things and various things that are meant to be used. These various things are called : the lion statue, thorns of gold, the bowl of raus and so on. But how should you use the lion in a restaurant for the good food and the nice atmosphere that awaits you when you’re cooking for a famous and excellent customer? You’ll have to use it for the good looks and to fit it comfortably in your living room.

Today we’re going to show you a funny mobile called the lion. It’s actually a very funny adaptation of the classical lion heads that people use all the time in different situations. It’s such a cute toy, in my opinion. So don’t be afraid to show it off for your own home. Adapt it to your personality and expectations and you’ll have the perfect decoration for your living room or any other room.

Just be sure not to place it where your heart desires. I’m not sure what’s more fun: use it as a mobile or try some other situation where a metal bust can look great on your wall and very funny, maybe next to a cartoon character. You can get one from iamhappyblog.

The Lion In The Living Room: A Funny Mobile For Your Car Photo 4