The hotel Malator is located in Althangvat near the picturesque medieval village of Althangre, near the border between the Republic of South Africa and the Four South. It’s a wonderful and peaceful resort that offers its guests a stylish and unique experience. The guests are welcomed into a terrace overlooking the expansive gardens that will later take them away from everything boring and boring that happens in the hotel.

Guests are welcomed into a spacious living room with a beautiful fireplace and a 6m silk rug. The huge round soaker tub enjoys the same luxury. The round glass table sits on a platform considerably higher than the wooden Jacuzzi. The room offers panoramic views of the garden and the sky. The silk rug is the focal point of the entire room.The polished antique marble fireplace is surrounded by candle crafted bronze frames. The flat screen TV is attached to the double humidacrylic glass coffee table with soft luminous lights.

The entrance area feature the same silk rug as the living room. The two bedrooms are located on opposite sides of the house. They are small but chic and cozy. They each have a half bath featuring a small wood-burning fireplace and views of the garden and the mountain.

The Great Living Room Escape –The Malator Hotel Photo 3

The spa will offer you a total of four en-suite bedrooms. The two bathrooms mirror those of the living room but feature glass doors. The bathrooms are eco-friendly. The spa offer you access to a sauna, steam room, heated floors, heated pots and tubs, bidet, shower and Jacuzzi. The train and cable TV is a luxury destination.The hotel also offers a wonderful oceanfront beach and two beaches.

The Great Living Room Escape –The Malator Hotel Photo 4

The Great Living Room Escape –The Malator Hotel Photo 5