Living room storage is always a problem. The space is limited and there’s not much you can do with as many items as little as possible. So you end up combining several functions or components in one very small place. It’s when these “brady” storage ideas come into play.

Let’s take a look at this very simple, but nice and functional unit. It would fit in any modern or contemporary living room and it can be placed inside a closet. You might not think much of this in advance but you should check it out to see what it costas to create such a storage unit.The instructions are very clear but necessary. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to get the thickness and dimensions right. Your typical storage closet requires a minimum of cotton, though other materials might work if you stick with simple and clean cotton. It has to be thick, to be strong but to be lightweight in order to avoid slipping.

First of all, decide if you should have a transparent door or a hanging thing. Since you’ll be using it for clothes when looking for matches and when you’ll be putting your clothes in there, you should have a fixed shelving system on the wall. And if you have a hanging closet then you should continue the same storage system. For the raincoats you should have a raincoat that can be attached to the closet doors. And while having a raincoat you can use it for all sorts of other purposes. For example the clothes would sit there and you will not be seen or heard around.

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Moreover, a hanging closet is very comfy and nice to have. You will never be out of order when you are in there. The added advantage is that you can use this space however you want and you can do so much with it. For example you can make a hanging closet with pillows and cushions. You can even use pillows with picture frames if you are as creative as me and make it almost look like a living room. I would paint pillows or patterned fabric for the walls. I would use this space to store different things from coats, books, papers, etc.

You can also use a basket or any other piece of furniture that can be turned into a storage space for the shoes for example. The same idea can be used for the razors, shelves, coffee tables and anything else. The same principle is to use the space as you please to create this very nice looking closet.

The corners are also the best place for using some shelves. You can use them to store the shoes and the shoes are nicely structured and stored in a nice way. You can use a shelf for shoes, like the one in the picture where you can see the shelves on the sides. The closet looks like a big box that has the shoes inside.

This way you can store the shoes either when you’re walking in the house or whenever you are taking a little pick-me-up. The space used to be an empty, old storage space and now it’s a very practical and functional closet.{found on beautifullivinglife}