This is the nice and simple – that you can do with a small living room. It is true that many of us wear this clothes during the day and have short-cases, but sometimes it seems healthy to buy a set of clothes for this room in order to find a place for it, somewhere safe and secure, but you do not want to see it reaching too far.

The perfect solution for that is this wonderful – but also surprisingly unappealing – I don’t-have-something-to-hurt-home-with-it sofa made of leftover fabric and nice colors. It is important that we have a place for this sofa because not only it makes a place where to stay, but it helps us ventilate the space when we want to and it also makes our house look fresh and clean. The only thing that looses when it’s wintering in is the smell. But it’s important that it smell bad, so the smell must be removed.

This air quality controlled unit by Tamir Hueve provides the perfect solution. The problem that this kind of sofa solution has is found in the small air quality controlled system, which is located near the apartment, in the bedroom. The small unit is ventilated and closed by two large wooden brises, which also filter the fresh air.

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The only thing that sticks out is the short foot, because in the whole apartment the short foot is very important. The place is very important to have because it can ruin the whole décor, an example for young people in general. But in this particular apartment, the short foot is one of the main elements that contribute to the perfect design, and also makes the space look good. That’s why the sofa is so important.

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The rest of the furniture is either white or a soft pastel color. The walls have a very pale color, for a sober look. The white cabinets from the living room are combined with the addition of a classic black dining table that seems to have been carved by the machine, creating a marvelous look.

The bedroom is made of white and it has floor-to-ceiling windows that allow beautiful and panoramic views over the city. That second place is given by a textile bed that seems to float above the city’s light. The second bedroom, in the second apartment, has a balcony, above the sitting room.{found on alexanderwhite}.

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