This is what a young couple living in Melbourne found out after purchasing an old house and adding a new one to its place and a modest original design. In just few short hours the owners can obtain themselves a beautiful and spacious living room, perfect for spending time with friends.

The original house dates back to the 1890s and has been renovated over the years and now it is a comfortable and well planned place. The original rooms inside the old house were quite small, even a tiny kitchen was in good shape, the bathroom was crumbling and had outdated tiles and all the windows to be relocated.

Most of the walls are in the kitchen/dining room combination, white except for one, the living room has a sofa and a small coffee table and two vintage chairs in the lounge corner and above that there is a great and modern white kitchen placed in the back, because that is the dining area.

That 70s Show Living Room Photo 3

The living room is very nicely furnished and decorated, with a wooden subfloor in the white color and a grey glass cube, it is very interesting, that also is the door that illuminates all the spaces. The last room is currently the sleeping area, it is in a little stucco box that was part of the original house. It has windows that allow plenty of natural lighting and also a skylight in the very middle of the building, which gives a bad limit for the sunshine.{found on skilplates}

That 70s Show Living Room Photo 4

That 70s Show Living Room Photo 5