Nowadays many people tend to opt for white decoration because they feel like it makes everything look so airy and clean. But when you want to decorate a room of the house or apartment and you also want it to be bright and clean then you should choose something more colorful and cheerful. Such amalgctions can be found in the interior design of the house. For example here a yellow fireplace is a really nice detail.

The walls and furniture are white in order to give the room a more open look and to also make it feel more airy and bright. This way the room seems larger without feeling claustrophobic. The flooring in this home office area is also white. This way a nice balance is maintained. The sofa is very nice and simple and the pendant light above the table is also very nice.

As you know, white color in general is not exactly a very good choice when you’re trying to create a room so it’s best to start from the source. The most common option is usually adding gold accents to make the room seem more chic and glamorous. However, colors like blue or purple can be beautiful as well. It’s all in the details and the most important thing here is the setting.

Of course, you can choose to make the room stylish without necessarily having to use too many bold colors and patterns. You can use an island as a table but you can also have matching dining chairs and create an elegant and casual décor.

This is an interesting way of integrating an island into an accent wall or even changing the whole color palette. The blue is really nice and relaxing and then the white is a serene and calming color which makes the island the perfect centerpiece for the room.

Teal Yellow Gray Living Room Photo 5

A small accent island can be a wonderful addition to a living room. It can be placed in the corner for more comfortable seating. You can also add a few mugs too.

There are also other less noticeable ways of incorporating a white accent island into a room. For example, you can put it in the corner and turn the room into a lounge area or a reading nook. Mirrors are usually a welcomed detail. You can also use the same island in the reading corner or you can make the most of it by keeping the space open and you can also use the accent island as a bar or console table.

Teal Yellow Gray Living Room Photo 7

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