Living room is a space that should inspire youness at the same time. When you tell a person to choose the model of a room, they should think of you alone, for dear specialists. All the people wear such a room with their thoughts in order to be admired and to realize the vanity that you benefit from from first. When you tell a person to choose “the model”, they would give to the model, who would have better chances with buying the best looking image, having fit.

As you can see from the pictures, there is a combination of high quality photos and special pieces that would make a happy room , even in the modern house, where you want to put some personality and style into your room. The colours used are in concordance with the furniture design which is mostly black and white. There are no vivid colours combined with light nuances, but rather accompanied by more moderate tones. The furniture is carefully chosen, build using special materials that will fit your personality and the space where you spend so much time. Decoration continues being made in different areas, too, through different accessories and other objects that are characteristic to those living in the house.

The living room and the kitchen are connected in one space, but link the space using wooden floors and a neutral palette of colours and materials. Having the open kitchen in the middle of the room with the possibility to use turquoise tiles for the walls or lighting the chairs in front of the fireplace from the same tone of wood, the wooden floor in the living room is made of red and white shades. The dining room is accompanied by a chalkboard wall, built in a special kind of wood, that separates the spaces, creating some small private rooms where the lady will speak different languages. The lady is very creative and inventive, so she paints on unusual things there. The whole house is original and beautiful, as the French Country style is giving the house a classic touch.{found on nuevo-estilo}.

Teal Grey Brown Living Room Photo 3