“White” and “Living” is one of my favourite colors. The combination of blue and white is a typical combination for most people. This combination is usually associated with pure white people or baby white. However, white can be a powerful colour if used correctly. The walls of a living room should be balanced with shades of blue. Teal grey and white have been very beautifully combined in this living room. The furniture is sleek and sophisticated.

The living room features a combination of white and blue. A very beautiful and interesting colour is blue and not associated with baby shades but with pure white. A strong colour like Teal provides a feeling of strength and volume to a room. This strong colour combination is beautifully complemented by a strong shade of brown. The sofa and armchairs are white and the coffee table has a dark brown wooden frame. The sofa is actually a very simple but very practical and functional storage unit. The storage unit is removable and it can be easily cleaned.