The key to create the warm and inviting living room is to choose furniture in a combination of brown shades and cream colors. In order to create this combination you will have to take into account that furniture will definitely warm up the room.

I propose to use a cream selection with bold and happy colors or with dark and toned cream colors to create a tropical pure and calm space. The walls will definitely become the focal point of the living room. You will be able to enjoy pleasant sceneries and taste the exotic air created by the combination of colors.

A great element of these ideas are the pictures frames which you can put your photos of living room in these pictures. A great piece of furniture, a great solution for the storage of small objects.

Teal Brown And Cream Living Room Photo 3

The cream selection of the living room is a nice combination of cream photos against a deep brown background. The pieces of furniture are light and modern, without being too robust or looking out of fashion. The pieces of furniture have a strong, but grate and functional design. They have been designed by some of the best artists of the Swedish sidewalk landscape.

Teal Brown And Cream Living Room Photo 4

Teal Brown And Cream Living Room Photo 5