One of my favorite colors is blue and and I’ve always thought that blue is boring. Well believe me, it’s true. Actually I’m not saying this is a boy’s room, because I actually used to enjoy the pastel blue very much. However, if you ignore the brown tones, I don’t know what to say about this color.

First of all, you should realize teal is a color associated with the military. Considering the history of tea, we can agree that it’s a color that has both virtues and disadvantages. A very important aspect is the fact that it’s a rich color. Teal has been used in military history and people have always been interested in it. Besides the legends, there are also other elements from the Tea ceremony that were part of the commoners’ lives.

Teal Blue And Brown Living Room Photo 3

Besides the extensive collection of teal chairs and sofas you can also notice an interesting painting on one of the walls. The meaning behind this is not exactly the same as in other cases but it sure looks interesting. The chair has been preserved visible but it most recently been restored.{found on wallstreet}