In the case of traditional homes like this one we tend to forget about the typical color tones and also about the decorations. Still, it’s not all bad. There is one room where the owners seem to appreciate the beauty of the decorations instead of the furniture pieces. This room features a combination of pastels and turquoise accents. The pale tones remind of sky and sea and the subtle tones were used to create some contrast.

It’s a modern and chic living room, with an unconventional combination of turquoise walls and a white background. The light shades are almost all beige. They were combined with a soft pastel shade and the result is a soft, friendly and delicate décor.The white walls also have a contrasting effect. The furniture shares the same tone as the walls but features a more neutral palette. The sofa is a typical piece of furniture. It has a simple, usually traditional design and it’s paired with some more modern elements.

The colors sued for this living room are mostly pastels and they mostly predominant come from the choice of textures and finishes. The turquoise shades have a delicate and very delicate allure and they also create a very pleasant and chic décor. The large wall mirror and the wooden floor contribute to the overall chic look of the living room.

It’s a very stylish living room. It’s also a modern space. Both the interior and exterior areas are functionally designed. The house provides great storage spaces and the minimalist décor suits it well. The bathroom has been renovated and it features a beautiful stone sink, large washbasin and storage room in the corner.{found on nuevo-estilo}.