Teal and orange are two colors that look very nice when combine. They bring out the nuance they do not have in common but they tend to mix very well. The Malmón, for example, has been a color experts bureau for almost a half a half a century and has come up with a very beautiful color combination. Here’s an example of how you can combine colors to create a very successful décor.

The Teal orange living room has been teamed with Azolutai Crystal Table to look very beautiful and stylish. This is a table supported on the large tealight glass pane floor. The living room is not too big and the sofa designed with a modern shape completes this space. The tables work perfectly together and they have been combined with oversized coffee tables made up of steel and wenge stained for unsaed. As you can see, color is very important in this case. The walls and ceiling are painted white and the floors have been covered with various pastels. This way the décor is bright and the contrast is very strong.

The flooring in this living room combines teal ceiling with white walls and parquet used in the furniture. The room also has big windows that bathe the interior with bright light. On the side, on the left side are the curtains used to give a warm touch to the room. The kitchen has integrated cabinets and fine wooden floors. All of these combined with a color palette that is pleasant and inviting creates a very nice feel.{found on vision}.

Teal And Orange Living Room Photo 5