The most frequent and impressive pieces of furniture in a living room are the sofas and armchairs. These are designed to offer the comfort and functionality that they want and, in the same time, to please the eye. It’s why some modern hotels choose to adopted the same color scheme. A grey living room, for example, is a very popular interior design in some hotels. Sometimes it’s opened with sliding doors or there are some grey walls and then there are also some grey tables or chairs.

I find this design very refreshing, just like the modern chandeliers. The combination of light and dark tones is very beautiful and so is the pattern. The furniture is simple and neutral and there are not numerous details. Still, there are some very interesting pieces and they such as the sofas or armchairs, the pendant lamp or the lamps are just amazing. They create a perfect first impression and they are both functional and stylish.

The grey details make everything seem balanced, the result being an inviting and peaceful décor. Also, every single piece has unique designs and looks beautiful during the long cold monsoon days. This wonderful living room looks nothing like a typical corner and it makes the atmosphere feel a little more casual and relaxed, despite its utilitarian design.{found on cheaphomes}