Teal rooms are very interesting because they are bright and have a vivid color. It’s a color usually associated with emotions and stories and it encourages people to interact with each other. By painting a teal colored living room you impart a sense of fun and joy with all its decorations and accents, making you not only a nostalgic person, but also a cheeky person too.

The living room in this case is brighter than expected. The walls have been painted in a teal tone. The furniture and the décor include elements from the same color tone. The green flooring plants that seem to come from the water feature are very appropriate for this room, as they remind us of the green fields and its surrounding beauty. The white walls and the mirrored furniture spread around the room also create an optical illusion which contributes to the overall pleasing tone of the décor.

Teal And Gray Living Room With A Bright And Sunny Interior Design Photo 2

The kitchen has been decorated in a deep chocolate tone, just so you can feel more relaxed when cooking. The black cabinets combined with the burgundy ones, the orange table and the yellow ones only reinforce the color theme. To put all these elements together, we need only mention one of the other features of this living room, the TV.

The room is large and airy so the furniture was kept to a minimum. However, this only made it more spacious. It’s large enough for the guests to sit comfortably and to relax and feel great. The walls are painted white, the same as in the living room. The sofa is just a piece of furniture that couldn’t go unnoticed. Another interesting detail is the mirrored table, a great piece that has the same role.

The media system is very well integrated and has a white lacquer belt woven to match the furniture. A 36? Samsung Samsung S series TV with 4k resolution and a 160GB memory foam memory function and built-in speakers has been integrated into the TV.