One of my favorite interior design styles is “contemporary”. I mean that is beautiful and realistic and some of the most fashionable trends in this particular interior style are actually traditional and simple styles that with a little bit of exotic flair they can easily charm anybody.

The “teal and chocolate living room” is one of the most fashionable ideas today and probably the most simple-looking. The living room looks very nice and very comfortable because this way you can easily include everything you need or need near there somewhere if you have the space. The chocolate leather sofa fits very well in the design because it has a creamy look and a very inviting look.

Teal And Chocolate Living Room Photo 2

The living room also needed some decorations to match it, like some nice curtains, some colorful pillows or decorative objects. The wooden floor is probably the most appealing part because there is no warmth or softness in there, but only a desire to have a coffee and relax. After you see all these details in the picture you might have a happy place for both living and dining, as there is nothing that interest you more than both counts, as you get out of the house and step in close to the nature, trying to find it and bring it outside.

The living room is painted in merry colors, cheerful patterns or exotic fabrics like the colorful cushions, the clear glass table with its chrome filament light, the steel pendant that is covered with soft foam when you look at it and the steel framed glass shelves that are also covered with soft foam when you look at the TV and the TV boxes (the selections from the TV industry) that are also made in the factory. Kids are also included if they are older or if they have big, quiet batteries, as most of the furniture is either made of cardboard or wood and this collection is quite charming.{pictures from Andrew Lee, Barbara Page, ed Clark Allen}.

Teal And Chocolate Living Room Photo 5