Living room end tables make perfect furniture for the kids’ room. They are simple and practical and the functionality is quite important. This means you can use them to store a lot of things, from games to figurines and other things that you don’t need and that also look nice and interesting.The turquoise choice in this case is very nice. It’s almost a color that was chosen in order to keep all the elements in check. It’s a sort of compromise, especially when it comes to furniture or accessories designed for the children’s room, but in this case it’s a nice choice because the end tables matches the walls and also the furniture in the room.

So far we talked about how to repurpose wooden pallets and how to add personality to the room with cushions and all sorts of other things. Today we’re going to have a look at Kitchen End Table, a piece of furniture designed by Carina Stefanova. The idea behind it is very simple actually. It has a very simple and friendly look and it also has a turquoise finish. It’s a sort of shade that has a very nice retro look. The greatest thing about it is that it’s available in a multitude of colors. There are multitude of colors, even though the color is very pleasant. That’s a very nice and unique side to this furniture piece.

Target Living Room End Tables Photo 3

Another thing I particularly like about it is that you can’t make the kids like it first. That’s very true when it comes to this type of environments. Carina Stefanova cleverly made a few years ago to better blend in, to adopt a modern look for their children and to create a very cute and cozy environment. That’s because everything is made of wood, including the end tables that come in two sizes, as well as the lamps, the pendant lights, the mirrors and the pillows. Of course, the reason why I’m telling you this is because it’s very hard to find the perfect size for the children’s room because you would have to watch their faces all the time and then arrange everything on the table so as to get the right shape and size for it. It’s a piece with a price that varies between $80 and $ 1980, depending on the size and shape.

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The shape might not be perfect and the finish might not be as nice as this but you can fix anything if you’re passionate about make the things look perfect. I can assure you that your room will look exactly like the one in the pictures. You just might be surprise your guests and friends when you come out with this new addition to your home.