The Tan Leather Living Room is a very cozy living room designed in a playful way to combine an intimate living room with television area. The tan leather sofa will perfectly fit the theme of any living room where you share friends` best clothes and watch your favorite movie or show. The height of the leather gives the sofa a hard wearing feel. The beech wood frame of the sofa has a smooth finish. The Tan leather sofa will perfect fit a great room giving your guests the perfect environment to sit back and relax.

The Tan leather sofa has deep comfortable arms and a nice curved back. The leather upholstery gives the sofa a soft feeling. It has a strong wood frame with prominent dark beams. The dark beams are a great accent for any living room. The combination of the dark beams and the upholstery is a perfect one to make your guests feel cozy and comfortable. This living room sofa has a simple and sleek design. It has a leather upholstery combined with the leather frame. The result is a beautiful balance, a mixture of color tones and textures.