We all know how relaxing and pleasant a living room can be when you feel close to nature and when one moves in front of the window. It’s what a lot of people like the idea of having a tan or a blue living room. Here are some examples that might better describe the style that we all admire.

Purple is a majestic color and it’s the shade of deep blue. It’s the color of the sky and the nuance that makes people think of a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere when they see this color.

In this case, sky blue is the perfect choice for living rooms of all kinds. It’s relaxing and calming and it goes great with a lot of different color combinations. A twin-sized bed is the perfect frame for it, with fluffy pillows and details like polka dots and polka dresses. The walls are also lovely, with a tan-colored ceiling, white walls, and bright yellow floors. The wooden floors are white. The décor is very fresh and stylish.