In the same way as you decorate your home, you should also take into consideration the aspect. For example, you might have some old dressers that have either seen the guest you usually give a chance to create a nice and original ambiance from, or perhaps that you simply want to give a new look to a piece of furniture. In such cases you should pick a simple dresser. It should be inexpensive and made of wood, not heavy in terms of load. This living room storage unit was designed by Atmos4u.

It’s a three-drawer dresser, the same one that one of the articles we’re currently covering today. With a design like this one you can save quite a bit of money and you can use it in the living room more. It’s a very interesting piece of furniture that is suitable for a variety of different places, whether it’s a cozy lounge space with lots of guests or an elegant reading corner. The drawers have magnetic handles and they allow you to change their position and use them as hangers or organizers for your makeup, makeup products and other things.

The overall dimensions of this dresser are 17?w x 5?d x 32?h. It’s not big enough for a single person to want to carry it like a kid so it would be much more practical to use it as such. You can purchase this unique piece for the price of $456.99. It will definitely add a rustic and fun touch to your home.