This furniture has been in production for over 20 years and is still officially theirs. As I mentioned before, the furniture is made in Vermont, USA and locally. This sitting collection is made in adequate proportion for a person who wishes to maintain a graceful silhouette. The collection focuses on individual pieces, with individual pieces, but would also love to create a room by collection, like a flower arrangement.

A flower arrangement is very commonly met in living rooms or bedrooms, but not so much in other rooms. The pieces were designed by a young Danish designer but some American artists have expressed the same idea. I wonder if he perceives this collection as a simple rectangular cabinet, or if it is designed to match with the colored curtains or blinds in a living room. I know I would prefer to have both. And, yes, this collection is currently manufactured by Three Twelve. It is very simple in design and has an electric gray wood insert with a silver electric cord.

Taka Muscle Growth Living Room Furniture Photo 2

The item is very delicate and made of glass, but I can only imagine what is inside it: a flower arrangement with flowers and white leafs, everything in its design makes you think of spring. Four holes at the top of the cabinets gives enough space for the flowers, making think of those times when flowers or plants looked as important as we do now. If you are a floral lover and you like our taste for spring flowers there is a furniture set for you designed by the Danish artist Bjarmart Ström. This set is perfect for smaller rooms as the set comes with fresh white blooms and you can choose the green, blue or whatever colour you like best for your living room.

Taka Muscle Growth Living Room Furniture Photo 4