Manel Loureiro

Living Room Design Ideas of 2021


#Living Room

Tan And Black Living Room Design

The tan living room is usually associated with men who like to cook and entertain, with thick white dinner tables and flamboyouses. But there’s also another style and this one is this one. It’s a classic style for which both […]

#Living Room

Maroon Curtains For Living Room

The sun is up, it’s starting to get dark and light in all directions and this place caught on a powerful powerful powerful image. At a certain moment you say “what’s not to love?” and you answer “he’s not alive”. […]

#Rugs & Carpets

Black Carpets For Living Room

The black carpet is a common choice for kitchens, dining rooms or any other place where you expect to be able to easily create contrastive effects. Sometimes it is more practical to use black carpet in small bedrooms, where the […]

#Living Room

Brown Rugs For Living Room

I’ve always liked brown rugs especially for the living rooms. They are very cozy, warm and inviting. They also have a very distinctive look. It’s not a common balance between warm and cold colors. However, when you place them near […]