Manel Loureiro

Living Room Design Ideas of 2021

#Living Room

Aqua Blue Living Room Ideas

It’s very common for people to want to decorate their living room in a very specific way, in order to obtain a looks that reflects the style of the living: a beach themed décor, a grown up decor, a sophisticated […]


Floral Curtains For Living Room

Floating curtains are meant to offer you and your guests little more privacy and protection from the sun, simply because they are fairy tales that enchant everyone’s sensitive senses. The image may be dull though, since curtains are created by […]


Peacock Decor For Living Room

Our homes are shelters to us by nature and we must take measures to protect ourselves. We can build walls to shelters to protect ourselves. However, there seems a natural way to live protecting our life and privacy. There are […]