Manel Loureiro

Living Room Design Ideas of 2021



Glass Shelves For Living Room

In order to obtain a functional design you have to be more careful about the completeness of your furniture and also about the colors available. It is not the painting you should choose, but the room where you will deposit […]


Big Flower Vase For Living Room

Big flower vases are very beautiful, but I have always thought they were only for special occasions. They are perfect for having small flowers for your home because usually they are big enough to make an elegant statement , even […]


Floor Shelves For Living Room

Floating shelves are very practical and useful in every living room. They help you store and display items close at hand and they also serve as space dividers. In the living room, floating shelves can also be used as room […]

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Glass Showcase For Living Room

I’ve always loved simple things that are functional and look good as they are. I especially enjoy DIY projects that require very little but love their beauty. This glass showcase living room is one of those items. It’s actually quite […]