Manel Loureiro

Living Room Design Ideas of 2021

club chair

#Living Room

Purple Velvet Living Room Chairs

The first thing that you notice when stepping inside this velvet living room is the incredibly stylish furniture set that extends the space and has all sorts of impressive details. The chairs are no longer just there to hold a […]

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Navy Blue Living Room Chair

The key to creating a very relaxing and serene ambiance is to create a very simple design, that doesn’t use unnecessary details. For example, a very basic shape in this case would be white wooden furniture. Still, it’s a very […]

#Sofa And Chair

White Leather Living Room Chairs

All interior designs and décor are based on simplicity, authenticity and classical beauty. White furniture is especially suitable for any house, whether it’s a big residence, a tiny one or a small apartment. Even though it includes a simple décor, […]