The swivel rocking chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen back in 1958. It is still very popular and appreciated all over the world. Even though back then it was not such a important piece of furniture in our homes, now it looks only better. The swivel rocking chair created a special space in the living room where people can relax and see the real face of their loved ones.

The chair was not just a modern creation. It also appeared in the mid- twentieth century. Back then it was just a standard chair. However, over the years it has evolved. Not only that it is very comfortable, but it also has a contemporary look. The chair is most often paired with a sofa. Still, it could successfully be both decorative and useful, as a bedside table. It’s not only functional but it also a very nice piece of furniture for the living room. The design is not bad but the chair is still youthful and very friendly.

The curved lines and the beautiful and elegant silhouette make this chair an eye-catching piece of furniture and a great accent piece for modern and contemporary interiors. It’s a chair that instantly become the focal point of attention in the room without overwhelming it with other features. It features a modern design and a simple structure that follows its human body and embraces it like a embrace. It’s a chair that instantly becomes the center of attention in a décor that shares the same style and natural charm.