Having a sofa and a living room all in one piece of furniture is very convenient and the best part is that you can furnish the room even if you like to think otherwise you would have to make compromises so either to have just the two items in the same room. That means that you’ll either have a nice and cozy or a design that offers you something better. For those of you who like the traditional designs, I am presenting you these very beautiful swivel chairs.

The X Bench Chair was designed by Ewa Czerny that basically forms a perfect balance between comfort and style. The chair has three thin metal legs that curve like the user’s body allows him to stand out. This concept is emphasized by the use of contrasting upholstery for the seat. The chair is lightweight and easy to store and easy to transport, making it a very versatile piece of furniture.

Swivel Living Room Chairs Modern Designs Photo 3

Swivel Living Room Chairs Modern Designs Photo 4