Contemporary style is perceived as being synonym with luxury and elegance. This is very close to the truth. It is usually though quite difficult to create a design that has a specific look and what it also has is a modern or a contemporary look. However, whatever the style is, it always remains elegant and stylish.

The situation is different in the case of different styles. The contemporary style, for example, is usually characterized by clean and simple lines and simple colors. It would be a nice style for the dining room. This is a style that can be easily adapted to a variety of spaces and decors. Take for example the case of this contemporary dining room.

The décor is minimalist, with just a few accent pieces that stand out. The wooden floors are a great element that brings in the modern feel and they coordinate with the white walls and white ceiling. The fireplace is very beautiful and it sits right at the center of the room. The pendant from the living room is indeed one of the focal points in this space. The tub in this room is simply beautiful.

Switching Dining Room And Living Room In One Space – Contemporary Design In Belgium Photo 3

A traditional dining room also needs a modern touch. The way the rest of the décor is designed ensures a simple image and cohesive image. The furniture is kept simple, simple but not boring. Also, the attention is directed on the beautiful color. The painting displayed on the wall doesn’t really stand out. The sofa, armchairs and sofas are all white, but there is a grey, blue and yellow sofa in the picture, which is in tone with the rest of the décor. The blue piece of furniture also helps to create a sense of calmness and meditation.{found on designsponge}.

Switching Dining Room And Living Room In One Space – Contemporary Design In Belgium Photo 5