The Stratolous collection attempts to solve the tiniest possible problem between furniture and architecture. It is a masterpiece that although stands for the simple functionality, has complex twists that charm with the unusual design. This splendid piece of furniture reinterprets those rough pieces of rough wood.

This floor seating sofa has a modern shape and its structure is made from welded metal sheets with clean edges. This metal table is designed to support the user’s body on it. Because the structure is so simple, with simple details, the structure doesn’t stand out in any way. However, the modern lines of this furniture collection don’t make it less functional.

The Stratolous collection successfully combines simplicity, sophistication and lightness. The collection features elegant and sexy details that give it a particularly elegant allure. The pieces from the Stratolous floor collection give your home an elegant look. Also, because of their versatile design, you can create many different decors and match it with the rest of the house. For example, you can choose a more rustic wood for the living room and modern furniture for the dining room or kitchen.